“Dried Flower Embroidery” by Olga Prinku is an Art Brought to Beautiful Perfection

Olga Prinku uses her knowledge of eastern European folklore as she comes from the Republic of Moldova, to make patterns that include its common motives. Upon the white tulle base, gorgeous flower arrangments arise from seedpods, berries, and anything that Prinku finds in nature. She personally grows her florals, dries them, and preserves them. She teaches her craft through tutorials and via her book titled “Dried Flower Embroidery”. Olga also loves to create depictions of birds, animals, and individual blooms through her trusty process of trial and error. She was a graphic designer before and the process of working is quite similar in both arts. “I learned in graphic design to be willing to experiment with different ideas that I wasn’t sure would work, and then to be willing to give up on the ones that aren’t working and refine the ones that seem promising.”

More info: Instagram, “Dried Flower Embroidery” [Book].


Photo credits: Olga Prinku

“Dried Flower Embroidery” by Olga Prinku

“When your floral embroidered collar matches your flower clock.”


“A little flatlay of colourful hoops”

From nature to nature

Miniature ones are as beautiful as the big ones

“Which season inspires you most?”


With Halloween closing in, it looks like it might be floral spookfest this year!


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