Wonderful Drone Photography by Don Quiel Lumbera

Drone photographer known as Don Quiel Lumbera takes us on the most incredible journeys from high above. He’s a 25-year-old passionate adventurer, always looking to travel and enjoy the most wonderful destinations around the globe. Parma-based, Italian is a growing name in landscape photography with more than 16k followers on Instagram. He seems fearless and unstoppable at getting the Kodak moment he desires. Very likable young talent, Lumbera seems to enjoy the deep seas even though he can’t swim. He takes photos above most famous landmarks in the world, as well as the places where he just stays while being on his journey. Places where he eats and drinks, places where something meaningful or memorable happened to him. Sometimes he doesn’t even have a permit for his flights, like in Venice when he had a help from a friend to secure his flight in the safest manner. Venice was also the place where he lost the signal of his drone for the first time, making him almost cry because he might have lost his drone forever. “Luckily Mavic Pro is the intelligent one who turns back by its own,” Lumbera wrote under the photo that caused the accident.


He’s a 25-year-old Italian living in Parma

He’s a fearless adventurer!


Who stops at nothing until he gets his Kodak moment.

He loves to climb towers no matter how many stairs there are,

Because he knows what will wait for him when he reaches the top


via [photogrist]