Dutch Windmills Rise Above Thick Fog in a Colorful Battle of Gold and Purple

We present you the work of great Albert Dros, 32-year old Dutch award-winning photographer. Location is famous windmill village Zaanse Schans. Coming from the Netherlands, this project is obviously close to his heart. He wrote: “I shot all of these photos during this magical morning; a morning I will never forget. I was lucky to be there around 5 AM in the morning and take these photos. It was like I was walking in a fairytale.” Zaanse Schans is an extremely popular tourist destination making it much less enjoying to walk around during the day. The time when the magic really comes to life must be a late light and early mornings when everything feels asleep, yet more alive than ever. Albert uses mostly Sony’s A7RIII camera and Zeiss 166-35 f/4 lenses. He’s been published by the greatest media channels such are Time, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, National Geographic and more. This artist has proven his skill and talent over and over again. If you haven’t already, now it is the time to check out everything there’s to know about Albert Dros, here on his official page. Enjoy the world-class photography.

Albert Dros – 32-year old Dutch award-winning photographer


Golden glow of the morning sun

Location: Zaanse Schans, famous windmill village near Amsterdam

Cheese farm and various wildflowers equal fairytale


5 AM in the morning

Magic lives here

Beautiful wooden bridge above clear lake

Sun under the horizon sends a pink glow across the sky


Durring the day this street is full of tourists

Fog slowly fading out

Floating windmill, bathing in purple hues