Eiko Ojala’s Global Warming-Themed Series – “Climate Changed”

At first glance, the work of Estonia-based illustrator Eiko Ojala looks like it’s crafted from paper, but there is more than meets the eye here. Each image is created digitally. Ojala’s textured 3D compositions are composed of layers of colorful shapes and trick-of-the-eye shadows and highlights. The striking minimalist style not only looks great, but his work visualizes powerful messages, too. His Climate Changed series is no exception. In collaboration with The Guardian, he highlights the climate change issues that the people of the American South are currently facing. Ojala’s bold illustrations visualize each theme as layers of “paper” in contrasting hues. The two-color palette highlights the stark divide between the American South and the rest of the U.S., while the illusion of three-dimensional depth invites introspection on each theme. Ojala accompanies every image with thought-provoking descriptions. Check out Ojala’s global warming-themed series in our gallery below and find more from his portfolio on his official website and Instagram.