Electrifying Vision of an Urban Jungle #HONGKONGGLOW

A quick trip to Hong Kong turned into the perfect excuse for Xavier Portela to add the Asian metropolis to his ongoing Glow series. Under the watch of buzzing neon signs, the city streets pulse with the activity that Portela loves to capture. His hyper-saturated imagery is combined with long exposures that allow him to use light trails for creative effect. By capturing the movement of traffic and flow of people in the streets, his Hong Kong is a city that bursts with energy and is always on the move. #HONGKONGGLOW is yet another triumph that makes us anxious to see which city will get the “Glow” treatment next. Visit Portela’s Instagram Page and Behance and find photos of other cities featured in his Glow project.

Energetic buzz of Hong Kong’s nighttime neon streets.


Inspired by the substance that the city offers, Portela’s #HONGKONGGLOW series radiates excitement.

These humanizing elements contrast with the eerie mood created by the saturated blue and red lighting.

It’s as though people are living in a slightly heightened version of reality.


Hyper-saturated neon lights and long exposure shots heighten the surreal atmosphere.


One could easily imagine the atmosphere translating into a virtual video game world.


By playing with light and reflections, Portela continues to strengthen his compositions.

This sets his work apart from other urban night photographers, as he continually mixes up visual elements to the delight of viewers.

Via [mymodernmet]