Creamy Colors, Plants, Fruits, Fresh Air, and Drops of Neon in Elise Mesner’s Photography

With her unique approach towards subjects, colors, and the relationship between them, Elise Mesner is a multi-talented artist, combining different techniques into a world of idyllic dreamscapes, whimsical sceneries, and a healthy dose of eye-pleasing weirdness. Her work consists of creamy pastel colors, plants, food, and playful everyday objects. The big source of inspiration for her is simply the art of creating photos. And in her creative career, Mesner has solo and group shows at local galleries, including the Detroit Institute of Arts. Her photography has been featured in several print publications and in other incarnations, including album covers and recipe books. To enjoy more of her pastel worlds visit her website and Instagram Page.

“An old recipe of juxtaposition, light studies, dashes of emotion from the world, green living energy, making familiar things new, seeing the extraordinary true brilliance of moments.”

“Most importantly, within, behind and beyond the photos, fun was had.”

Ginger Snaps

“Laughs were made and I’m happy I’m able to use everything I am, and everything I have inside, my entire heart-gut to visually say something about the world around me.”

“It can be blurry, ill composed, but if a photo can cause an emotional response, it’s a ticket to greatness, I believe.”

“I have an innate awareness and sensibility to capture and create. Compositions excite me. Sunny streets excite me. Colorful fresh fruits and flowers ignite my camera.”

via [eyeso]