Highly Detailed and Colorful Embroidery Masterpieces by Emillie Ferris

Now you can become embroidery artist by following embroidery tutorials by brilliant self-taught artist Emillie Ferris. Her colorful journey started in 2013. Today she can proudly say that she’s a professional needle painter. A lover of nature, magic, and all things fantastical, Emillie’s work is full of love. “I love to try and emulate a sense of romanticism in my embroideries,” the artist says. Her designs are rendered using short and long stitches, very similar to paint strokes. Emillie is a perfectionist which is why her art looks so incredible and detailed. Her process includes a committed study of the object she’s replicating. “I must have saved hundreds of reference photos and watched many videos of the blue morpho butterfly, before digitally painting the butterfly in Photoshop, then transferring the pattern to fabric and bringing the butterfly to life with so many shades of blue thread. I couldn’t count them.” Emillie sells her work on Etsy, and you can even get her embroidery patterns as DIY tutorials. So, what are you waiting for?!

More info: Etsy, Instagram, Official Website.

Welcome to nature, magic, and all things fantastical – the World of lovely Emillie Ferris


Love, beauty, and romance always find the way in artworks of Emillie


A self-taught “needle painter” starts each piece with a dedicated study of the object she’s replicating.

Her attention to detail and her perfectionism together forge an unmistakable masterpiece each time.


Artist started her journey in 2013.

Today she has 170k of followers on Instagram and her Etsy Shop.

You can buy her work on Etsy but also her embroidery patterns to learn how to create on your own.


So if you ever wished to start an embroidery journey, now you can with Emillie’s DIY tutorials!

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