Artist Saves Damaged Sidewalls and Buildings with Colorful Ceramic Mosaics in France

Look out! It’s beautiful! The cracked pavement, the splintered facades, rusty broken pipes, they are all beautiful! “The pavement surgeon” must have been here! The incredible Ememem, has been making his home city, Lyon even prettier with his tiny details, delicate interventions that have striking effects that the eyes of passengers can not miss. As he says: “It’s a poem that everybody can read”. Complex colorful geometric shapes become mosaics in the sidewalks effortlessly and in such a perfect way. Why wasn’t this a thing for decades everywhere in the world?! Luckily we have Ememem who has been decorating the streets of France since 2016. 10 years ago he was already working with ceramics, as years have passed his skills and jobs he had taken have evolved to finally create a completely new career path. “It’s a succession of a lot of places and reflections, experiments I did before. I had done similar things, with other techniques, other supports, and finally, when this one emerged, I knew I found something that I was going to keep doing for the rest of my life,” Ememem shares. Make sure to visit the artist’s website for more information and other locations he’s currently working on.

More info: Instagram, Official Website.

The work of famous “pavement surgeon” on the streets of France – by Ememem

Photo credits: Ememem

Mycosis on the Môle de Sète

Grand Paris Express

Located in Lyon (2021) and (right): Paris (2020), France.


“For Société du Grand Paris”

 “Here cobblestones have been picked up and thrown. There a truck from the vegetable market tore off a piece of asphalt…”

… “it’s all a memory notebook of the city. It reveals what happened, the life in these public places.”

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