Emily Kaul – Empowering Tattoos Inspired by Flora and Fauna

Emily Kaul’s self-titled website describes herself as a “tattooist, lover of nature, a believer in magic”, and her tattoos reflect as much. A combination of splashes of watercolor, intricately drawn plants and beautiful animals, Kaul’s body art represent her definition of a meaningful tattoo. With a lifelong interest in flora and fauna, Portland-based artist specializes in “watercolor art inspired by our wonderful natural world”. Originally, this interest culminated in a collection of works on paper. Eventually, however, Kaul turned her attention to body art, transforming her nature-inspired designs into expressive tattoos with the uplifting concentration of colored energy. Be sure to visit Kaul’s Instagram Page and her little online shop for prints, stickers, and even temporary tattoos.

Kaul’s decision to dabble in nature-themed body art was predominantly shaped by her relocation to Hawaii.


While living on the Big Island, she got her first tattoo, an experience that revealed to her “the immense power that this art form could embody”.


Interested in introducing others to this empowering experience, she decided to become a tattooist upon her return to the Pacific Northwest, where she would “create a space where people could fully embrace their true selves with tattoos as the means of expression”.

Evoking a sense of balance and exhibiting Kaul’s distinctive approach to design, each tattoo features a black sketch of a plant or animal set against a backdrop of blended tones.


Evidently inspired by watercolor, these exquisite blocks of pigment add pops of color to the delicate line drawings without overpowering them.

Kaul hopes that her harmonious designs “heal, inspire, and empower” her clients with both their aesthetic beauty and their expressive qualities.


Kaul says: “Tattoos allow us to embody something beyond the physical, symbolic representations of something much greater.”

“It is up to the artist and the wearer to bring to life the marriage of those two, spirit and form.”


The ink guru shares her art and her love for her clients on her Instagram Page.

Not only does Kaul love her art and the influences of it, but she also extends that gratitude to her clients, who allow her to express it.


With over 34k followers on Instagram, Kaul’s tattooing clientele is only growing and her books close very quickly after they open. If you’re down to make a trip to Portland for some new nature-inspired ink, be sure to check Kaul out and maybe she’ll share her magic with you.

via [mymodernmet]