Grumpy Puppy – English Bulldog with Saddest Eyebrows

Madame Eyebrows is a cleverly named English bulldog from Germany. Unique and thick grey spots above her eyes make her look like she has the saddest puppy eyebrows in the world. She had become loved by thousands in a flash. Her grumpy puppy face is now a meme for bad Monday mornings and working overtime. Even though her eyebrows resemble sadness, she’s a very deceiving English bulldog. Her tail wiggles when she’s excited, and even though she’s an English bulldog from Germany she just can’t stop French kissing people she loves. As her owner, Janina puts it: “In real life, you have to see her only a few minutes and you see that she is happy. We don’t see only her sad face. We see how funny she is! And how much love she gives to us.” To see more of this adorable grumpy puppy be sure to follow Madame Eyebrows on her Instagram page.

Meet Madame Eyebrows


Saddest English bulldog from Germany


Grey spots above her eyes look like the saddest puppy eyebrows in the world

She’s becoming a meme

She’s an English bulldog from Germany who French kisses people she loves.


via [boredpanda]