Extremely Narrow – 1.8m Wide House by YUUA

“A house with playfulness where people and cats live happily”, is the motto of the architects behind this intriguing project. With a width of 1.8 meters this project is focused solely to prove a point and to play with the smallest possible space a functional home could have. Architects of YUUA from Japan have just done that with their extremely minimalistic space of the residential vertical project in Toshima, Japan. A human can spread his arms out and touch both walls of this home, and that speaks more than enough. Floating floors allow sufficient space to emerge. Huge windows let a great amount of natural light and air to circulate through. A result is a functional place for both people and cats to live in their unique, narrow yet tall house.

Project by YUUA from Japan


You can spread your arms and touch opposite walls!


Created for humans and cats to live happily together

Floors create sufficient space

Large windows allow a great amount of natural light and air to circulate through


via [ignant]