Extremely Unique Bubble Art by Sebastien Leduc

Toronto, Ontario based Sebastien Leduc is known for his colorful Bubble Photography. After working in the marketing industry for many years, he came up with the idea of this extraordinary art totally by chance. “One day, as he was shooting a music video for one of his bands, he decided to mix different liquids together to study their interactions. Fascinated by how they flowed and billowed, he kept on experimenting more and more. Very quickly, The Big in the Small was born!” He blends liquids together to create vibrant bubbly artpieces and take their photos holding them in his hands at different settings. As stated in his website, the process of this interesting art is accomplished as follows: “Using an organic base, he incorporates raw materials and proprietary compounds in order to breathe bubbly life into his mini universes. He then captures the minuscule details created by the blended liquids using a macro lens and turns them into vivid art prints.” Enjoy some of his bubbly photos here and follow him on Instagram for more.