Photo Manipulation in All It’s Glory – Magical, Playful and Dreamlike

Ever got that feeling that your eyes are playing with your mind and your mind is playing with you? Kinda weird and sometimes unpleasant but not this time, no worries. Now we’ll tell you about photoshop Jedi and photographer, as he calls himself, Fabien Barrau, and how he took care of everything you’ll see in the photos below. And yes, it is what it is. Barrau is a multi-talented digital artist and graphic designer currently based in Paris, France. For more than ten years he is specializing in photo post-production and manages all types of creative work – retouching, photo compositing, and onset retouching, talking about Jedi world, he’s Grandmaster Yoda of this particular sphere. Also, he is the head of the studio Mikros Print, part of Mikros Image. These stunning photo manipulations are absolutely dreamlike and playful, mesmerizing creations of artist’s more than experienced “eye for the details”. If you are totally in love with those photographs, head over to Barrau’s Instagram Page to enjoy more of his personal work and flawless art pieces.

Brighton Palace Pier, UK


Lovers’ Island – private artificial island in a lake of Normandy, France

“Welcome on Crait, a small mineral planet located in a remote sector of the galaxy’s Outer Rim Territories. Covered with a layer of white salt over it’s red soil, the planet once hosted a Rebel Alliance outpost.”


“Welcome to the Cat Island! Here, cats live free, like kings. All abandoned and homeless cats in the world are welcomed, cared for and loved. Of course, dogs are forbidden , forever.”

“Welcome to Bear Creek! Before humans arrive and come to destroy nature, legend has it, that the bears gathered at the top of the hill to elect their leader, who was always a female.”

“Discover the forest of squirrels! Our little friends are waiting for you, to take you to their territory. Remember to pick up your trash before leaving.”

“Sexyzilla! Why all the monsters should be ugly?”


“Welcome to the Wolf Coast. The last moments of an ecosystem that will disappear in the next few years… I am sad.”

“I’m coming back from the future. NYC, 2476: We are just a memory.

Most of Barrau’s captions are fun and interesting, stories for themselves, you get the impression that he’s truly enjoying his work.

“I’m coming back from the future, news is not good. The end of the century was very difficult, but last humans adapted.”


Via [designyoutrust]