Famous Cartoon Skeletons by Luís Rogério Faria Rosa

46-year-old Brazilian artist Luís Rogério Faria Rosa has some seriously funny skeletons in his closet. The most beloved and most known cartoon characters have the weirdest body types. Rosa is actually an accountant with artistic hobbies. He’s been using photoshop for over 10 years, and he’s self-taught (learned by watching videos and tutorials). Rosa also works on photo restoration and photomontage. “I am very observant in the details; since I was a child, I noticed that some characters had parts of the body that anatomically did not correspond to normal, and I wondered what their skeleton would be behind those bodies,” Rosa explained how the skeleton series started. As the years go by, more and more crazy body types arise. “In this work, I used purely Photoshop, using skeletons of normal people and animals, and deforming the bones to fit the cartoon characters’ shape.”

More info: Instagram, Youtube, deviantart.

Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

Photo credits: premierluis

Eric Cartman, South Park

Donald, Donald Duck

Dick Dastardly, Wacky Races


Phineas, Phineas And Ferb

Timmy Turner, The Fairly Odd Parents

Dexter, Dexter’s Laboratory

Bart, The Simpsons


Fred, The Flintstones

Nick, Big Mouth

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