Fantastic and Surreal World in Redmer Hoekstra’s Illustrations of Animals in Alienating Combinations

Redmer Hoekstra presents surreal depictions of animals merged with architectural exteriors, everyday objects, and humans, or just some human body parts. This Netherlands-based artist graduated from the Art Academy in Zwolle as a visual artist and illustrator in 2009. His playful drawings are both literal and abstract: one sad wiener dog is tied in the middle like an edible frank, and pair of swans’ soft tufted feathers fly off like dandelion seeds. The illustrator combines hawks and bell towers, giraffes and toothbrushes, and imagines a goose composed of saxophones rather than feathers. We don’t want to spoil too much, so you should proceed with the gallery and see for yourself what kind of magic our featured illustrator does. Be sure to check out Hoekstra’s website and see his rich portfolio, also you can visit his Instagram Page for more brand new art pieces.

“I’ve always loved alienation and fantasizing, daydreaming.”


“As a child, I had all kinds of theories about how the world worked.”


“At the Academy I was able to rediscover this and process this in to my work.”

“How things work is a fascination of mine and in many drawings you can find that.”


“I open up appliances and objects and freely change what is inside.”


“Often a subject gets a completely different feeling or meaning.”

“I play with form, meaning and function, while new combinations arise.”


“Often surprising, strange and funny but also with a strange kind of logic, a fantastic and surreal world.”

“It is important to draw as realisticly as possible, to make the alienation most powerful.”

“It’s a laborious and almost artisanal technique.”

via [thisiscolossal]