Fantastic Beasts from Medieval Manuscripts Brought to Life as Piñatas by Roberto Benavidez

Artist Roberto Benavidez proudly describes himself as: “Half-breed, South Texan, queer, figurative sculptor specializing in the piñata form; playing on themes of race, sexuality, art, sin, humor, and beauty.” Today we’re covering his fantasy whimsical piñata-based metallic sculptures. A series called ‘Illuminated Piñata’, takes inspiration from Luttrell Psalter – a famous medieval manuscript. The Book itself contains illustrations of hybrid creatures which Benavidez brings to life splendidly. The Art was calling to Benavidez since the young age, but unfortunately, he had very little access to art education in the rural South Texas, where he was raised. After pursuing his second passion in acting, later in life, other forms of art started knocking on his door once again. This time he decided to move to California and take classes at Pasadena City College in sculpting, drawing, and painting, and finally bronze. The rest is history. Make sure to follow Roberto Benavidez on Instagram and check out his official website for more information about his future exhibitions.


Illuminated Piñata – series by  Roberto Benavidez

Artist took inspiration from Luttrell Psalter – a famous medieval manuscript


The book holds illustrations of these fantastic whimsical beasts which Benavidez brought to life


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