Female Ex-Spy, Now Illustrator of Comics with Witty and Edgy Perception of the World We Live In

The name is Denise Paine and she’s an ex-spy. Today, she’s a part executive, part doggo devotee, part cowgirl, part strategy expert, part culture champion. We’re writing about Denise because she’s a fantastic artist who illustrates witty and edgy comics. You may get offended if you’re a softy, but in most cases, you will appreciate the work and thought she puts into her intelligently approached comics, whether it’s a lovely doggo inspired series, or graceless outdoor life series, or simply her perception of the strange world we live in. With a few regular comic strips on her portfolio, Denise’s exciting career carries a lot of different achievements. She’s a five-time national Keith L. Ware award winner, and she’s been doing illustrations for commissions by Fortune 1000 and some high-level public figures. You can join her artistic army on Patreon and become a part of the ONE COMPANY by Denise Paine.

More info: Instagram, Patreon.

Comics by Denise Paine

Photo credits: Denise Natalie-Paine

Denise is an ex-spy, but today she enjoys creating comics where she laughs in the face of the strange world we live in.

You must be like everybody else because it’s boring and part of the system. Stupid Leonardo…


Looping conversation


You know he’s a pro when he tastes vanilla.

TV can lie as well.


“The Secret Thoughts Of Dogs” series


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