Strong Female Characters in Flowy Dresses from Fairytale Land

The merge of fine art photography and fantasy defines the beautiful talent Bella Kotak has. She’s a fine art photographer based in Oxford, UK. Her inspiration is in nature, fairytales, and strong female characters. She uses the most alluring nature’s colors in flowers and puts an amazing effort to match the designs of stunning flowy dresses worn by her striking models. And the magic is born. Fields of green, misty woods, crystal oceans, and warm colors follow aspiring feminine characters in each epic photo-shoot Bella Kotak does. As Bella has written on her official site: “Passion and colour play such a huge role in my work. Every action here has been crafted and tested over and over until it is something I’m super proud of.” Check out her Instagram for more magical photos or even shop at her ‘Fine Art Actions‘.

Photographs by Bella Kotak

Combination of fine art and fantasy

Creates an epic fairytale look

Bella finds inspiration in nature, fairytales and strong feminine characters

No one captures women in such a stunning fashion

She uses color toning to set up a magical atmosphere

“Passion and colour play such a huge role in my work”

The dress becomes one with the ocean

via [boredpanda]