Ferrero Rocher Mini Sculptures by Ciro Wai

Hazelnuts of Ferrero Rocher are plenty of reasons for a regular human to make us buy them but the fun doesn’t stop there. No, no, not for Chinese artist Ciro Wai, the man who enjoys the remains of the packaging more than the sweets themselves. Wai uses the protective foil as his marble to create fascinating miniature sculptures. His unique collection is currently made out of all zodiac signs as well as a few of our most beloved animated characters. Wai sends an amazing message through his art that strikes the moment you stumble upon his creations. With the ever-increasing waste issues, our beautiful Earth needs more minds like his to find more creative ways to dispose of what may seem at the first place as garbage. Visit Facebook page of Ciro Wai for more of his amazing work.

Zodiac sign – Cancer



Ciro Wai’s collection range from Chinese zodiac signs to animated characters

Statue of Liberty

For Mr. Wai fun starts when Ferrero Rocher is gone and protective foil is all that is left

Somebody’s trash is somebody’s marble

via [designyoutrust]