Fine Line Tattoo Artwork with Flora and Fauna Motifs by Maret Brotkrumen

At the age of 15, Maret Brotkrumen wanted to train as a tattoo artist. So, she made her way to the only tattoo artist in her area. Maret was incorrectly informed that she had to complete cosmetic training beforehand. Back then, Maret just didn’t know better and trusted this statement. First, she started an apprenticeship as a painter and then started studying law. The latter frustrated her so enormously that in 2014 she decided to put her dream of that time into practice. This was followed by a few turbulent months in changing shops in Berlin and Salt Lake City. Maret’s style is strongly influenced by her art education and her love of game art and anime. Her interest in flora and fauna is also evident in her motifs. Her tattoos are blackwork, and the lines can be both bold and fine. So Maret’s works appear in a spectrum from clean to playful and detailed. Today, Maret is working as a resident artist for “Pechschwarz Tätowierungen” (Pitch Black Tattoos) in Berlin. Also, she is a guest of “Väterchen Vrost” in Rostock and “Heart of Gold” in Salt Lake City at least once a year. You can see some of Maret’s tattoo artwork in the gallery below and be sure to follow her on Instagram for more amazing tattoos.

“Self-love and everything else important for Eva combined in one tattoo: music, literature, nature (especially poppies), and the sea in the form of a wave pattern on the blanket. Thank you for giving me the keywords and the total freedom on the design,” – Maret wrote on Instagram.

She always introduces her new tattoos and expresses gratitude to her clients.

“In Memory of Rudis grandparents and for the autumn feels.”

“Snuggle times for this mamma and baby otter! Thanks for coming from Switzerland Larissa!”

“Ethereal beauty and her wolf, thank you, Colleen.”

“Rika, Renamon and Sakuyamon from Digimon for Mai.”

“Little Geisha for Emily, it’s her first tattoo! Thank you for sitting so well!”

Mermaid and Diver

“In memory of all her cats.”

“Hello, it”s me, the shy raccoon lady.”

“Wildflowers and leaves growing on Manon’s arm.”

“Kitty in a teacup for Sarah from Australia! Thank you for the cute idea.”

“All the good things together, protected by a dragon.”

“Red panda snuggling in a bed of flowers and bamboo leaves. Thank you Laura, for my first red panda ever!”

via [feelfarbig]