First House Ever 3D-Printed Using Coiled Clay by MCA and WASP

The future is here, and that feels so lovely to say! We have officially started 3D printing entire houses! Climate change has forced already many and will force millions more in years to come to migrate to other more stable climates. Today we are sharing with you the first completely 3D printed structure based on natural materials. Both from Italy, the MCA (Mario Cucinella Architects) together with WASP (3D printing company) have designed and built/printed “TECLA”, the supporting structure, made using two large printing arms that needed just 200 hours while using the average of 6 kW of energy. Practically no waste was produced, the double dome in Massa Lombarda, Italy, was entirely created with reusable and recyclable materials. Everything was sourced from the local soil and is carbon-neutral. The best thing is that the eco-friendly home is suitable for any climate and it’s possible to use other raw materials as well. The home has a 60-square-meter space that includes a living area, kitchen, and bedroom. Two skylights on the 4.2-meter-tall roofs are perfect for illuminating the entire area with natural light. You can also watch the time-lapse video on YouTube that shows the process of printing the TECLA.

More info: MCA, WASP.

“TECLA” project by WASP and Mario Cucinella Architects

Photo credits: WASP

It’s true! this double dome house was entirely 3D-printed!

Skylights installed on 4.2-meter-tall roofs illuminate the 60-square-meter home with natural light.

Domes have a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom.


Entirely created with reusable and recyclable materials, with almost no waste.

350 layers of coiled clay sourced from a nearby river printed by two simultaneously working printers.

Printed in just 200 hours. The process that allows using other raw materials as well.

TECLA house is suitable for any climate and it’s easily and quickly reproduced.

via [thisiscolossal]