Flawless Geometric Tattoos by Okan Uçkun

Beware of the Okan Uçkun as he tends to take over the modern and contemporary tattoo world with his flawless minimal geometric lines and shapes. Even though his art is called minimal it actually isn’t as it can be seen below. This fine art practitioner comes from Istanbul, Turkey, but now lives in New York. His finished work is always open for artistic interpretation. Okan explains his biggest awards while tattooing: “For me, the surface on which your work moves, stays alive with the owner, travels and makes love, makes it the most satisfying canvass for the designer to draw on.” As for inspiration, the artist adds: “Literature, nature, and math are the biggest sources of help to me. Each of them is a significant aspect of feeding my work rather than being great hobbies.” Beside already said: “The biggest joy is to be able to travel the world and display my artwork to so many people.” Another thing that makes Okan so special is his approach. First, he measures his client’s body measurements after which he creates 3 different designs and to let his client choose from.

Master at mixing modern arts and contemporary styles

Okan flawlessly uses geometric shapes and lines in his art

Art pieces that are left open to the artistic interpretation

It was considered a taboo in Turkey seeing tattooed skin

But Okan knew where his dreams lied and he reached for the stars!

Now he’s one of the most successful modern tattooers today