Floating Rocky Landscapes from Heaven by Rosa de Jong

A family collaboration between an artistic daughter and a crafty father. Award-winning sculptor of miniatures, Rosa de Jong creates marvelous landscapes often made out of rocky terrain, artificial moss, and lovely lodgings on top. Heavenly nature with houses from our dreams on top, often seems to be reachable only by really high ladders or stairs, wrapping within the art a message from the artist. Wooden frames are the part where collaboration happens, as they are made by Rosa’s Father. In the end, the finished miniature will hang by the thin wires, floating in the air giving the final touch of magic inside the wooden frames or test tubes. The fabulous work of the freelance creative and art maker from Amsterdam, Rosa’s art is a pleasure to watch and you can do just that on her Instagram and official website.

Photo credits: Rosa de Jong

Rosa de Jong is a freelance creative and art maker from Amsterdam


Rosa’s hand-made art is driven by idea and thoughts.

Risen out of cork


“The most important thing for me is that by the end of a project, everyone is happy.”

“I want to make things people want to look at, not something they’re forced to look at.”


Worlds in the grasp of your hand


These wooden frames are crafted by Rosa’s father making this a family collaboration.

Artist’s goal is to tell stories that are different, authentic, and personal.

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