Flora & Fauna Meet in the Middle of ‘Natura Wildlife’ Series by Raku Inoue

Raku Inoue is an accomplished artist that combines flora and fauna beautifully in his eye-catching art. Montreal-based, Raku Inoue works with flower compositions to create animals as a part of his ‘Natura Wildlife‘ series. In most cases, the artist uses intact plants. His finished pieces look like a playfully rearranged stems and petals of gorgeously matching hues. Some pieces look like they’re alive and ready to jump at you like the tiger or an owl made out of mums flowers. Fun fact, Inoue shared that he was inspired by Flamingo Bob (Caribbean bird that was disabled after crashing into a hotel window) while creating his very own vibrant model. Flamingo Bob ended up becoming an ambassador for the foundation that educates locals about wildlife protection known as FDOC. “I thought I would make these images honoring him and his future legacies,” artists explained.

All photo credits: Raku Inoue

Whale – 2020

Jellyfish – 2020


Owl out of Mums flowers – It feels so pettable

Staring Bob – 2020 – inspired by Flamingo Bob


Too adorable

Mingling Bob – 2020

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