Floral Black Ink Expert – Mary Tereshchenko

If you’re looking for a truly beautiful ornamental flower to adorn your skin look no further, talented Ukrainian lady is here to save a day! Mary Tereshchenko is a 27-year-old tattooer from Kiev and she’s an expert for floral ink art. Everything she touches flourishes into an elegant flower masterpiece. Through her work experience, she has been learning different techniques such are linework and dotwork in black ink style, to finally realize that she shines brightest in floral tattoo field. Using everything she had learned, now over 5 years of working as a professional tattooer Mary still finds endless inspiration in flora and she can’t be happier with her job. She absolutely adores making her clients happy with her gorgeous art. Besides her work, Mary enjoys traveling very much, where she gets even more inspiration from. If you are into black and only black ink than her Instagram is the tattoo heaven for your soul. Enjoy!

By talented Ukrainian lady – Mary Tereshchenko

Floral black ink tats are her main focus

Delicate and ornamental

Fien line simplicity

Absolute masterpiece

Mary works as a professional tattoer over 5 years

She’s 27-year-old

Unique and beautiful