Flowers in Beautiful Long Hair – Gorgeous Self-Portraits

Krissy Elisabeth is the name behind this strikingly creative photographer/model responsible for all of these beautiful flower arrangements accompanied by her marvelous long thick hair. In most of her portraits, there’s a sweet embrace between her laid out hair and flowers of wonderful hues. Every photo is a piece of happiness that Krissy translates flawlessly to her viewers on Instagram. With her account fresh and her popularity rising, Krissy is extremely grateful for all 13k of followers. “Thank you for all the love under my posts and the sweet messages I get on here. I appreciate it so much. Being creative makes me the happiest and I’m so excited to keep creating content for all of you,” the artist shares her joy.

Photographer/model Krissy Elisabeth

Artist comes from Netherlands

Krissy has just 13k of followers on Instagram and she’s grateful for all of the sweet messages from fans

Her portraits evoke great joy and happiness in people

Beautiful, creative and just lovely representation of autumn