Meet Meepo – Fluffy Cat Who Loves Taking Showers

“Meow my name is Meepo. I’m lazy British longhair boy and I looove taking baths,” It’s what it says on his popular Instagram page loved by more than 29k of followers. Meepo was adopted when he was 2 months old. Owners took over the mission to keep his glorious long coat of fur clean and fluffy. The question was how will they all survive these often showers that Meepo needs. Well, it was a surprise to them all when Meepo didn’t scratch any hands, but only laid down and enjoyed the show. As his owner said: “He was so calm and even chillax during the process and he enjoyed letting the water run through his fur and wash away the dirt. He also loves playing around with stuff in the bathroom and be very happy there. Now, we are giving him a pamper session in the shower every Saturday to remain his fabulous and adorable look.”


What you say about my friend?!

Meepo sees a beautiful flower, Meepo takes a selfie


Look at my new hat. It’s fashionable.


Soft kitty, warm kitty

Little ball of fur

Shower me human!


I’m ready for hot bath c’mon c’mon c’mon


You didn’ see this coming, didn’t ya

via [boredpanda]