Fluffy Puffy Black Ink Cat Illustrations

Malaysian illustrator Kamwei Fong is the man behind this unique black ink cats. Playful, fluffy, puffy fur balls even though they’re behind completely white background and out of context, the style of illustrations gives them so much character. Fong doesn’t stop at only creating cats using this technique. He creates charming monkeys, puppies, goldfishes and other animals. Fong uses countless short thin lines, with different density to create volume and a perceptible sense of furriness. He’s been working since 2010 as an illustrator of Bo & Friends selling his cat characters, ‘The Furry Thing,’ as he likes to call them. Visit Fong’s Etsy shop to get signed prints and his Instagram and Facebook for more content.

Illustrations by Kamwei Fong


Malaysian artist uses countless thin lines in different densities


He illustrates even charming monkeys, goldfishes, puppies and more


Fong works since 2010 under the name Bo & Friends

via [thisiscolossal]