Incredible Pies Inspired by Fave TV Series, Movies, Video Games, Books and Music

Instagram account ‘thepieous’ is turning more and more heads and more elite clients keep knocking on the door of Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin. She works with Food Network, Marvel Studios, Star Wars UK, Turner Network and loves collaborations. She’s been baking wondrous pies for past few years on Instagram. She finds inspiration for her pop culture based pies in creations that are ‘near and dear to her heart’. “My favorite video games, books, movies, music, TV series – mostly nerdy, but these things put a smile on my face,” artist shares. “I hope they put a smile on your face too!” Join her on Instagram and together you can ‘spread the gospel of Pie Art, one slice at a time!’ Also check out her pies-are-awesome official website for more information.

By ‘thepieous’ – One and Only, Stan Lee

Four Flavour Harry Potter Crest Pie

Princess Merida Apple Spice Pie

Will you eat the pie or is it the other way around

Captain Marvel Аpple Pie

Millennium Falcon From Star Wars Mince Pie

Tom & Jerry Apple Cheddar Pie

via [boredpanda]