Finger-Licking Good Food Design by Myriam Meliani

Meliani’s education as a product designer gave her the versatility that allowed her to work as a coordinator for an edition, as creative of editorial content and as a food stylist. Introduction to the culinary world was a coincidence that presented itself, to her as a matter of course. Meliani specialized in “food design” by integrating the first promotion of a post-diploma at the ESAD of Reims in 2010. Since then she worked as a freelance food designer mainly in Tunisia, her native country. It was only in 2015. after she moved to Germany and discovered new passions, first for cooking and baking and more recently for photography because it was the only way for her to give visibility to her food creations. She devoted herself to photography and culinary styling by learning from day to day, reading specialized books and watching videos on the internet. She says that everything is inspiring to her, it’s not limited to the exhibition of paintings or photos, she lets herself to be immersed by everything she feels and sees. Meliani realized that this is her favorite field as it brings together all of her passions at once as well as her knowledge acquired during her various collaborations with chefs or photographers. She realized more and more that it’s a full-time job and if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Don’t forget to visit her Instagram Page for more surprisingly delicious photographs.

“I must say that I am a big gourmet and a lover of good food. Eating is for me an awakening of all the senses at the same time. I just love to eat!”


“Cooking is the first part, than styling by choosing the dishes, cutlery and decoration.”

Meliani is drawn to “dark photography” and “still life” and that’s what she tends to perfect.

“I often choose old dishes that have lived, which I find in flea markets or at junk shops.”


“I believe that the vintage works better with this kind of photos, a still life like genre.”

Meliani likes how sometimes her scenes look like they came from other ages.



“Sometimes, I even draw in my childhood memories – like images, scenes or even a feeling.”


“A single element or a memory can sometimes trigger a whole series of ideas.”