Frozen 3 – Man Uses Hot Coffee to Rescue 3 Frozen Kittens

Saved by a hot coffee; 3 kittens would have frozen to death if one man wasn’t destined to come around. It’s believed that these kittens were stuck in the ice deep with their tails all night before the hero came to rescue with his hot beverage. Oil worker from Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada by the name Kendall Diwisch was on a well checkup run when he heard the cries of these poor fluffs. Kendall went back to his car to get the only thing that could help at the giving moment. His hot coffee. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough even with kittens licking their tails and slurping the beverage off. Kendall used his hands to slowly but without too much trouble separate their tails from the ground. No one was harmed not even the slightest. Kendall brought them back to the car and later his home. He gave them food and got them warm. Kendall shared his story on Facebook as he put them for adoption. It went viral. Many news outlets covered the story, and the internet went crazy. Tons of offers were applied for adoption but in the end Cause for Critters, an animal shelter in Drayton Valley gave all 3 kittens to the local family that will love them dearly. If anything goes wrong, they’ll just pour coffee on them. Just kidding.
More info and video here: Facebook (Kendall Diwisch)

Say hi to Frozen 3 and the hero of the movie – Kendall Diwisch

Photo credits: Kendall Diwisch

Canadian oil worker Kendall was on a well checkup run when he heard the cries of these poor fluffs

He grabbed the coffee from his car as it was the only thing that could help

Kittens had their tails frozen to the ground entire night


Instead of freezing to death they spent that night with full bellies and in a warm home

Photo credits: Cause for Critters

Kendall gave the kittens for adoption and this is the lucky family

Photo credits: Cause for Critters via [boredpanda]