Futuristic 3D Concept Art – “Into a Dark Millenium” by Dylan Kowalski

“I’m Dylan Kowalski, a 23 years old, French concept designer working on a lot of projects since late 2014. I’ve been involved in a wide range of productions providing a variety of work such as character design, environment design, and matte painting. I work a lot with 3D, since the start of the new year I work on a personal project with cyberpunk, cyborg character and environment.” Dylan is a hardworking young artist who puts a great amount of work into every project and character. He acquired his first art education at Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier (ESBAMA). Avignon-based digital visionary posts his work regularly on Facebook and Artstation. “Thank’s for the people who support me on Artstation with likes, following, sharing…”


3D concept artwork by 23-year-old Dylan Kowalski from France

This is Luna – a great amount of work was put into this one

E.P. Project



Vestige of the past


A2 from Nier Automata



Nilfgaard Queen


NierAutomata – 2B

Queen Of Sorrow II

The Unforgiven

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