The Most Epic Game of Thrones Tattoos for the Most Dedicated Enthusiasts

The final season of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO April 14th and fans all over the world couldn’t be more excited. We decided to follow the hype train and made for you a super comprehensive collection of high-quality tattoos that includes some mind-blowing Realism tattoos, as well as some illustrious Illustrative and hilarious Traditional. These GoT tattoos wonderfully depict, there are some incredibly resilient and powerful portrait pieces. And it’s no surprise that some of these tattoos in this particular collection highlight the female protagonists of Game of Thrones. Pretty much all of them have their moments of empowerment, and there are some seriously stand out ones that we love. There is Arya Stark, we all cheer for this brave girl from the very beginning of the show. Daenerys Targaryen – an unstoppable force: she’s The Mother of Dragons who frees slaves, takes over nations and has an army that is totally devout. No matter if you’d fancy a GoT tattoo or not really, we hope you dig this special look at all the amazing high-quality Game of Thrones tattoos that we could collect. And now, the time has come for us all to spend these two months, every weekend, sitting on our couches, biting our fingernails, and gritting our teeth while enjoying copious amounts of brutality and intrigue.

Gorgeous portrait of Danaerys by Teniele Napoli



Tyrion Lannister tattoo by Thomas Carli Jarlier

“No One” by Felipe Kross


“Valar Morghulis” by Danylo Stefan

“Three-eyed Raven”

“White Walker”

“Winter is coming” by Flaco Martinez


“Fear cuts deeper then swords.”


“The King in the North”




Game of Thrones masterpiece by Leo Thissen






Neo-traditional Danaerys Targaryen piece by Kelly Doty

#WanprachaTattoo #Eka



#NikoHurtado once again.

Lady Melisandre tattoo by Jordan Baker

Old school dagger for the House of Stark by Tony Touch Tattoo



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