German Photographer Honoring the Final Season of Games of Thrones

Inspired by the frozen fantasy world of George R.R. Martin’s books and by the geography of his native lands, Schönberger’s alternate storyline imagines snow-covered trees as menacing White Walkers, towering mountain ranges as The Wall, and ancient stone structures as home to the highborn families of Westeros. Kilian Schönberger has translated his ethereal photography of central Europe’s icy landscapes, mystical castles, and foggy forests into a photographic tribute. Those published photographs were taken in forests along the German-Czech border, in the rocky canyon landscapes of Saxon Switzerland, Saxony, and East Germany, inside of an ice cave near Germany’s Lake Königssee, and at the foot of the Dolomites this past winter. Using his background in geography studies and his knowledge of meteorology, Schönberger says that his process as a photographer involves a lot of preparation and waiting so that he can capture the “genius loci” – the pervading spirit of a place at just the right time. Since Schönberger’s photographic work concerns the whole range of topics from natural landscapes to cityscapes there is, even more, to see on his Instagram Page. And if you want to see the images in context with Schönberger’s narrative, check out the photographer’s Behance portfolio.


“Mankind had just a few options to withdraw. Hidden deep in the cold forests or behind the strong walls of a few remote strongholds. The days of the still living were numbered.”

“The horror came from the far North. A landscape formed by ice and snow. But something was out there. An ancient life-form. Just a few have seen them and even less survived the encounter. White Walkers.”


“Winter is coming from the north and with winter come the dead. Westeros faces a serious threat, not only Winterfell but the whole north will feel the first strokes of the spears and swords of the white walkers and their undead army. A frozen hand grasps at the Lonely Hills and Hornwood.”


“There might be a few humans still living out in the forests. But the noble castles became to traps. Under the siege of the undead the walls were broken and they haven’t taken any prisoners. “

“The humans in the south have forgotten the thread from the North long time ago. But there was still a mighty stronghold that protected and defended the south for centuries. The Wall. But even this fortification was no obstacle for the Night King and his army. The brave defenders of the Nightwatch were powerless against the fierce force of a undead dragon rised from a cold grave by necromancy.”

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