Attentive Gay Penguin Couple Fosters Neglected Egg for the Second Time

If you need some incubating and raising your penguin child just call Sphen and Magic to the rescue. The gay penguin couple is amongst the greatest parents in the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Interestingly over 450 species in the animal kingdom have a common occurrence of same-sex couples, and it’s especially the case with some penguin species. Female penguins often mate with males and return to their female partners to lay an egg together leaving the male totally out of the equation. After hatching the chick penguin parents bond with it as if it was their own. They love it, feed it, keep it warm and protect it. The same thing happened with these great dads, Sphen and Magic. The first time they’ve shown their potential as parents was back in 2018 when the staff noticed they’ve trying to hatch a rock. The staff gave the couple a dummy egg and were very pleased by how attentive and incredibly caring Sphen and Magic were. After that, they were awarded a real egg to foster. Her name is Lara and she’s all grown up now. After Lara, the duo was awarded once again, and they did their job excellently once again. Raising another chick, watching it grow, and following it on its first short trips away from the next, protecting it from anyone who could harm it. Time passed, and now Sphen and Magic are on their break from it all, relaxing and enjoying their life as proud parents of two.

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Sphen and Magic

Photo credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

The couple started hanging out in 2018. They enjoyed swims together and were always together.

In 2018 the staff noticed they were trying to hatch a rock.


After being extremely successful and caring with a dummy egg, they were awarded a real one to foster.

Their first chick was named Lara.

Later they were once again up to the task, and another neglected egg was rescued by these two proud dads.

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