Creative Process VS. The Final Result in Geo Leon Photography

Since the social media dictates most of the trends nowadays and we binge on shine Instagram feeds, admiring and wondering how those places and people look so perfect. Well, professional photographers decided to start a new trend and let us see their creative process and how those professional photoshoots really look like behind the scene. Geo Leon, a photographer from Orlando/Tampa, FL decided to show us what is behind is gorgeously colorful Instagram feed. He sat side by side work-in-progress photos and edited, final result photos. Leon cleverly combines unexpected locations with ordinary props that we use in everyday life to create unique portraits and each one of them tells a different story. He proves that you can turn casual locations you’d never expect to have potential, such as a parking lot, a grocery shop, the nearest park, a restaurant or even your house into an Instagram-worthy set. Staying creative and open-minded can create a magical atmosphere for an artistic photoshoot. Enjoy in this revelating artwork and be sure to visit Leon’s Instagram Page and learn more about photoshoots and creative process behind it.

If you think it’s always luxury rentals and expensive equipment – well, you are about to change your mind.


With creativity being his best ally, Leon is able to seamlessly incorporate foods, flowers and various objects into his dreamlike scenarios and make it seem like they belong there perfectly.


He makes it look so simple and easy. But the actual secret behind his enchanting work is mad skills in composition and photo editing as well as a special ability to see greatness in the most simple settings.

Not only that he shares with us his behind the scenes and creative process secrets, but Leon is also offering 1 on 1 editing lessons via Skype or in person.


“As a photographers, we always show the final product. It’s always great to showcase the work behind the vision,” the artist explained why he decided to share more than just polished photos.

This honest way of managing social media seems to attract a big audience.


In this oversaturated world, people are longing for something real and truthful and this is exactly why 150k followers on Instagram stand by Leon’s side and anticipate his new inspirational artwork.

Proof that professional photoshoots are definitely not always what they seem – and we’re not just talking about the editing and amount of Photoshop involved.

From hilarious environments to dangerous tricks and smart solutions.


We applaud and appreciate Geo Leon and all other talented photographers for being brave enough to reveal the raw backstage of their work.

via [boredpanda]