Giant Monster Jack-o’-lanterns That Will Blow Your Minds [and Brainz]

Meet Christian Russell, the man is a Halloween legend. He has been massacring pumpkins since he was 10 years old. The UK-based artist simply loves horror, and goes crazy mad for Halloween each year! His favorite pumpkins are the giant ones. By giant, he means world record type ones – 913 kg (2013 lbs). That sounds scary already! Give a man a knife and detailed evil grimaces will emerge as 2.5D skull faces ‘drawn’ onto the flesh of a pumpkin. Christian uses a variety of loop tools, while “the key to these carvings is to initially gauge the depth with which you can work into the flesh – before breaking through to it’s hollowed out center.” Artist often spends his time working at family attractions, where people can request from him a lot of different designs. For example, Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. was very popular and Christian was able to make in under 20 minutes. Since he was a child he was practicing the pumpkin carving art, but one thing changed the game entirely. “When I saw the amazing 3D face carvings emerging out of America that I was inspired to up my game entirely.” Today, he’s carving pumpkins for celebrities, TV, radio, and more… He worked for 2 and a half days on a ‘Predator’ as it was an enormous piece and it needed an immense level of detail. Join this super passionate pumpkin jack-o’-lantern sculptor on his Facebook page and learn more about the art itself through his tutorials, videos, and educational descriptions. And Happy Halloween all you ghosts and ghouls out there!

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“Predator,” A Carving On A Tremendous 257 Kg Pumpkin

Photo credits: Christian Russell

Just in case you don’t understand the actual size of some of these monsters!

Inspired By “It”

“Giant Smiler”


Unintentionally Ended Up Looking Like Mike Wazowski From “Monsters, Inc.”

“Flaming Bat”

“The Night King”

“Tooth Rot,” – “The First Proper Carving Of 2020 So Far…”


H.R.Giger’s “Aliens”

“The Stockeld Witch”

“Hocus Pocus Or Mucus Pukus?!”

59 Kg White Pumpkin – Looks just like Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil PS1)


Mike Wazowski From “Monsters, Inc.”

“The American Werewolf Demon” – “Took Me Around 7 Hours From Start To Finish”

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