Giant Robotic Minotaur 46-Foot-Tall and Spider Perform Operatic Myth in France

Elon Musk warned us and we didn’t listen! Giant robotic beasts are now roaming our streets and recreating epic stories and myths. La Machine is the company behind these frightening creations and they’ve just premiered their latest project to the people of Toulouse, France. French company released a nearly 50-foot-tall Minotaur machine, half electric and half combustion, that moves by the hands of 17 operators. It’s an over 10,000 pounds heavy, yet it moves flawlessly. It took 2 years for the team of 60 people to construct this glorious beast. It even blasts steam through its large nostrils. La Machine reports that they never used plastics, only fine materials such are wood, leather, copper or glass. Minotaur had a company on the streets and it was a 42-foot-spider as a part of their latest production The Guardians of the Temple. Together machines performed operatic interpretation of Ariadne, the myth of Minotaur and Theseus and a Cretan princess who helped him defeat the beast. Visit La Machine’s Instagram, official website and YouTube channel for videos of this magnificent event.

By French company ‘La Machine’


These robotic beasts have already roamed the streets of many countries

Including France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Japan, China, and Canada.


42-foot-spider also by ‘La Machine’


Opera performance

If you thought the previous was amazing…

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