Gloomy Forest Photography by Dylan Furst

Dark and scary, full of passion and mysteries, photos of forests by Dylan Furst are everything you would love to see if you are into gloomy atmospheric art-forms. Multi-talented, filmmaker, adventurer, and of course photographer, young at just 28 years of age has proven himself over and over again to fully deserve attention from more than 1,200,000 followers on Instagram. Dylan Furst talks about his roots and career in this way: “Born and raised in Bellingham, Washington USA, my backyard here in the rainy Pacific Northwest has heavily influenced my style as a photographer. Specializing in outdoor, adventure, and travel photography, I’m grateful to have had the opportunities to experience a variety of landscapes, countries, and cultures through the portal that is my camera. My passion is my craft, and I strive to show unique perspectives and tell meaningful stories through my art. Don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello, or to inquire about working with myself. Let’s create something special! Let’s create.”

Photography by Dylan Furst

Perfectly aligned eagles or maybe something more?

It feels like there should be a killer with a machete watching over this lovely home

Misty cold embrace

via [photogrist]