Glowing Realistic Sketches of Architecture by Nikita Busyak

If there was a place where magic lives then it must be within the grasp of urban sketcher from Kharkiv, Ukraine, Nikita Busyak (aka citiesandsketches – Instagram). Having just 50k followers on Instagram is a travesty for such a brilliant young talent. You can see there’s so much more to the artist when his facial expressions almost always seem to be ‘unimpressed’ even though his very hands have created a glowing illustration using pure skill and a high-level understanding of multiple disciplines. Nikita is not just an illustrator, which might be exactly the reason why is his art on another level. He practices digital art and photography and for each artform, he has a separate Instagram account. Welding mechanical pen and ink with complete mastery of drawing realistic urban architecture, still fantastic Nikita never shines away from nature illustrations as showcased in photos below. As mentioned before, the artist practices digital art, and the glow in his sketches are in fact added digitally, yet in such a perfect delicate way, making it look like magic illuminating through paper.

More info: Nikita’s Instagram for sketches, photography, and digital art.

Like a magic book from fairytales

Photo credits: citiesandsketches

Just enough for illustration to feel perfectly realistic even though it is just a sketch.

A complex sketch with digitally added glow – a masterpiece by Nikita Busyak


The night has fallen and the glow illuminates with magic through paper

A face that knows this magnificence is only the beginning of a great artistic career.


Nikita practices also digital art and photography, and for each art he has a separate Instagram account.

Such a perfect and delicate way to combine digital glow with realistic sketches, to make it all look so natural, yet utterly magical.