Gothic Digital Art by Polish Surrealist Mirek

Surreal digital art is becoming more and more popular with a rise of many new talents in this sphere. Gothic and dystopian, worlds are emerging from a genius mind that holds Polish-born Mirek. 10 years of experience has paid off as the editing software maestro showcases his awe-inspiring skills. Photo manipulations combining epic landscapes and fitting life forms into a twisted symbiosis has caught an eye of many on Mirek’s Instagram and Facebook. Artist says: “I am looking for the best example of a mountain landscape, then I define the atmosphere of work and I choose photos in a similar climate. I check various configurations and combinations of these photos and choose the best. Just do not look at others, create what we have in our hearts, each heart beats with its rhythm and that makes us unique.”

Digital Art by Mirek


10 years of experience in software editing


Fearsome Fate


No, thank you

Patient mountain

Mr. Whiskers


World on his back

Crying Giant


Lady in the Tower

The Crown


And that’s how it’s done

via [boredpanda]