Meet Gotte – the Hamster Painter and His Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration – Sukeroku

Japanese artist Gotte is an art university graduate who is making great use of their skills to create adorable depictions of their pet hamster called Sukeroku. The artist shows off their technical skill in detailed pencil drawings and beautiful watercolors. The most charming works are those where Sukeroku is drawn carrying out some kind of human action… Going shopping, playing on a VR game, baking or cooking, and sometimes, instead of eating the food, Sukeroku can be found inside the food. Every single image is so cute and warm, reminds you of those colorful children’s books. You can enjoy Gotte’s art on his Instagram Page and if you liked some of the pieces you can find those at his online shop.

It’s always adorable to imagine how would animals, especially as loveable as this hamster pet, would look like doing regular human chores.


Hamster Holiday Spirit


From fixing a meal to making a bed, this funny hamster seems to have a busy life day in and day out, but very adorable, nonetheless.

Sukeroku is ready for the first day at school as well.


And for some water gun fun.



He can take a punch. Hell, yeah!

via [designyoutrust]