Graffiti Around the Globe in the times of Coronavirus

I hear people cry all the time how boring it is to stay at home. Before they hated going to work. Now having so much time on your hands is suddenly the worst thing in the world? In the god damn present when we have all this global internet connection to anyone anywhere, audio, video, everything. Pc, PlayStation, music, instruments, art, sports, books, are there no hobbies in your life you could do and things you wished you could do but you didn’t have enough time? What the hell people?! Maybe it’s time for you to become a bit more interesting as a person so you could stand being with your self? Huh, I just had to say something about this. Enjoy this amazing gift you received – a free time, and don’t be stupid, obey restrictions, take care of your health and others. It’s time to work on yourselves if all of this sounds like a problem.

“Super Nurse! I Painted this “ode” to all healthcare professionals around the world!
To encourage them in these challenging times, to lift their spirits and send them love and appreciation, when so much is expected of them and so many people depend on their work.”


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“In these challenging times, I hope this piece can be a positive contribution and spread some joy. Be safe and take care of one another.”


“Living in a bubble. Just to be more ironic, a soap bubble.”

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