20+ Halloween Couples You Might Want to Copy This Year

Happy Halloween week couples if you haven’t decided what to wear through the nights to come, you’re at the right place. Wednesday is the Halloween day which means you are probably going to spooky parties the weekend before so you got little time to prepare, but don’t worry, we got you. No need for money throwing, just be creative, witty, or copy one of these amazingly clever designs. Most important thing is that you got your self a boo who will be your other Halloween half. Together you can bring smiles to people faces or frighten them with your scary faces depending on your style. Enjoy these great costumes and we wish you the best Halloween night of your life! And the last one buahaha… No, seriously I’m gonna get you. Send me your location so I could kill you faster. Thanks.

He made her look so beautiful


The greatest companion

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieeee!!


Only makeup no masks


Johnny Bravo’s girl went all in with her costume


Silent Hill

Brilliant CatDog

When your girl can’t come, you can just be her too


Bob Ross and his lovely painting

Taco Bell

Third wheel


Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher


via [boredpanda]