Surreal, Wide-Eyed Characters Reminding Us to Trust Love, Ignore Fear and “Listen To Your Little Voice”

British born artist Hayley Welsh has established herself as one of the most exciting creatives in the street art scene. There is something quite fantastical and a little bit dark lurking in Welsh’s work. Utilizing various surfaces from walls to found objects as her canvas, she reveals curious creatures, so cute they can’t be trusted. With their ominous softness, the artist explores the inner voices of self-doubt and fear. “She weaves a poignant narrative into almost every piece – a message for each person to reflect on at the moment like “take the leap”, and “dream big” – The Huffington Post, 2016. Working as a full-time artist with studios in Perth, Australia and Blackburn, UK, Hayley Welsh travels between the two regularly. Seeing first hand the positive impact street art can make to public space, she’s also developed “Blackburn Open Walls”, a local street art initiative for her hometown. There are so many good things to be written about Welsh and her achievements, so for more information and more incredible street art visit her official website and follow the Instagram Page.

By playing with the textures and features of these walls, Welsh creates a surreal world filled with imaginary characters.


Welsh’s unique style displays a technical approach, mixed with nostalgia and humor.


Surface images that might otherwise seem inviting, have an other-worldly quality that take them places beyond the image in front of us.

Her playful aura eludes to a childlike innocence, yet this is juxtaposed with darker undertones of the unknown and abyss.


“Each creature usually comes from a conversation I’m having with myself.”

“A voice inside, like an inner child or conscience, with a wisdom of what really matters.”


“I guess they’re like a guide for “how to adult” in today’s world.”

“People will either love it or hate it. I guess as long as my art has made one person feel something, then I’d be happy, and if they could take anything away, then my one wish is that it would be HOPE.”

via [mymodernmet]