Heaven on Earth – Hand-Woven Bamboo Canopy Designed by Lllab. Architects

Located in the Yangshuo, Guilin, China, on the 1,900 m2 of the construction area, the giant porous structure is fully hand-woven! Yes, this giant bamboo canopy, designed by Lllab. Architects was hand-woven by local craftspeople using special techniques that enabled them to build the entire structure from organic material without the use of glue or nails. Besides acting as a heavenly relaxing place in the flourishing green Karst Mountains of Yangshuo and an escape from the heavy sun and frequent rainfalls, Bamboo Canopy is ultimately created for an outdoor theatrical performance of Impression Sanjie Liu. The project was started in May 2018 and was fully completed in July 2020. Load-bearing posts are hidden inside the porous walls of the canopy and the entire pathway is 140 meters long and leads its guests to the main performance stage at the bank of the Li River. A beautifully blending structure aims to help the guests to get into the perfect mood for the performances that lie ahead.

More info: Lllab. Architects, Instagram.

Designed by Lllab. Architects

Photo credits: Lllab, photography: Arch-Exist Photography.

This entire porous structure was hand-woven by the local craftspeople!

It’s a Bamboo Canopy made by hand out of organic material without any glue or nails.

Location: Yangshuo, Guilin, China.


“Small Lantern-Shaped Pavilions, on the path to the performance stage at the IMPRESSION SAN JIE LIU”

The pathway is 140 meters long and leads directly to the main stage of the outdoor theater.

It took more than 2 years for this project to be completed.


Heaven on Earth

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