Hero Lady Saves Burnt Koala Screaming in Agony Surrounded by Devastating Bushfires in Australia

More than 350 Koalas are feared to have died from bushfires that scorched the earth of vital koala habitat in New South Wales, Australia. Devastating fires have burnt more than 2.5 million acres of Australia’s east coast. Koalas are already classified as vulnerable in The Red List of Threatened species. One brave act of a hero lady was captured by the camera and sent to the world. People are left in tears after watching this brave woman grabbing a disoriented kola crossing a fiery road and walking deeper towards the danger. The woman took her shirt and wrapped it around a poor thing, took it to safety and poured water over hurt Koala. Hero took the animal to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital (PMKH) where 15 affected koalas were already taken in. “He has been treated and is now in the five-star accommodation at the Koala Hospital”, reported the doctors from Koala Hospital Port Macquarie. For now, they’ve rescued 31 koalas in the PMKH but they did not stop there. Together with a few other organizations, the hospital had created a GoFundMe campaign to reach the $25,000 to get automatic drinking stations installed in the burnt areas to help wildlife survival. People have quickly raised almost a million dollars which expended the project furthermore. Watch a nerve-wracking YouTube video of a koala rescue here.

Devastating bushfires in vital koala habitat in New South Wales, Australia have put lives of 350 in a horrifying danger


31 koalas had been saved and taken to the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

This is Tony, a heroic lady who saved this koala from certain death

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie together with other organizations had created GoFundMe campaign to reach the $25,000


The goal was to install automatic drinking stations in the burnt areas to help wildlife survival

People quickly gathered almost a million dollars and the project was expended furthermore

Search and rescue teams are working non-stop

Unfortunately, Koalas instinctively climb to the tops of trees to escape the fire, risking their lives even more


Wildfires can be attributed to human activities such as agriculture, animal husbandry, and land-conversion burning.

This heartbreaking story, yet a story of a heroic act had left the world in tears

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