Hilarious Cats at the Vets Photos

Scared of the unknown and possible those stinking shots to the butt from the previous visit, these cats go far while trying to hide from their humans and evil vets. Delusional, thinking they have the power to be invisible while simply kissing the corners or standing beside the statues, cats are surely the most hilarious when everything starts to seem like the visit to the vet is about to occur. It’s a struggle we all have to deal with with our furry friends but a bittersweet one every time. Enjoy these funny photos and like our (Curious Doodle) Facebook and Instagram page for more jolly posts like this and many more stories about young unknown and also already accomplished superstars in the artistic communities of all kinds. Including illustrators, painters, photographers, architects, designers as well as any other kind of unique and creatively talented people.



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Umm, hooman, is it… is it safe?

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Just being cautious

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I’m a dumpster cat. Leave me alone.

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Shhh… don’t move.

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Tom Cruise cat

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“My Cat Did Not Want To Be At The Vet Today. So He Kept Sticking His Head In This Trash Hole”

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Ha! My hooman will protect me


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Oops, it’s a trap!

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Now until the end, enjoy cats thinking they’ve hid perfectly just by hugging the corner and not looking at all


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