Hilarious Instagram Dicitonary “HipDict – Definition by You”

Not the dictionary we deserved but the dictionary we needed. ‘HipDict – definition by you’ is an Instagram account, an online dictionary made for people by people. You and I, and anyone who wants can be a part of this viral crowdsourced dictionary. The structure is pretty simple. It needs to be true at least from point of view, and it needs to be hilarious! Share some wisdom with laughs that follow and be a part of HipDict! Send your own definitions of words as much as you wish. HipDict publishes new definitions each day! People of Earth seem to be fond of this idea as its popularity rises and reaches 2.5 million at this given moment. Visit HipDict’s Instagram for endless fun peeps! Here’s another Instagram account that works a similar formula, and it’s all about what toddlers say when there are no parents around.

via [boredpanda]