Hilarious ‘Pet-Shaming’ Brings Smiles to Our Faces Once Again

‘Dogshaming’ Tumblr blog from 2012 started the internet craze of shaming our pets with a hilarious dachshund with a sign “I am an underwear eating jerk!” From that day, the dog-shaming only grew more popular. Even today they are as amusing as always and you can check their official website here. But today we are talking about a meme born out of the idea of dogshaming, the pet shaming craze! Including all kinds of pets and all of their silly mischievous deeds. On the other hand, we need to take these situations seriously as Bill Lambert explained for Bored Panda in an interview. “most behavior problems can often be a sign of something else, such as separation anxiety, fear, or simply being unsure of how to deal with a situation.” Lambert is a Head of Health and Welfare at the Kennel Club, and he believes we should give our pets as many positive experiences at their early age so these problems would not occur in the future. Lambert encourages us to praise our pets for good manners, instead of punishing them, also stating that is unfair to punish an animal when they don’t understand why they’re being punished for. “If you do catch your dog doing something that it shouldn’t, interrupt them and then distract them with a toy or a game and then praise them once they have stopped and are settled.”

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